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About Spa Vision

Ye Olde Bell’s
Spa Vision

In 1650, the builders of the English farmhouse, now known as Ye Olde Bell Hotel, would never have been able to imagine what the home would become 400 years later.

The grand old building has bedded down, fed, nurtured and entertained stage coaches, highwaymen, cavalry, battalions, royalty, celebrities, the first cars, film crews and many a traveller. A grand olde dame fully deserving her very grand new spa.

Though only opened on July 1st, the multi-million pound Spa at Ye Olde Bell in Retford, England, is already regarded as one of the finest spa and wellbeing experience in the UK. The 1600 sqm new build over two floors, designed by spa and wellness specialist Spa Vision, accommodates up to 60 guests simultaneously as individuals, couples or groups. 

The Guest Journey
On arrival, reception supplies the mandatory robes to be worn throughout the spa stay. An adjacent extensive retail area maximises sales opportunities and an additional revenue stream F&B offering, allows lunch and dinner to be incorporated into packages.

Ground Floor
The Thermal Suite is a communal spa area based on the European bathing model where guests move from experience to experience, each offering a different wellbeing benefit. Time spent in the area by guests varies from 2-4 hours. Over 100 guests a day could comfortably use the space., even more with evening twilight packages. Usage levels are controlled via a software booking system. 

First Floor Facilities
The Treatment Suite comprises four single and two double rooms. The Rasul® and Sabbia Med (Sunlight Therapy Room) are also located here along with relaxation rooms and a beauty salon. The salon offers internal and external access for non-robed clients, hair services and express treatments.

Herbal Sauna

A low-level humidity, temperate sauna uses steam infused herbs to fill the air with natural aromas and warms the body in preparation for warmer experiences. Two high forester seats* provide additional warmth. Two glass walls overlook the spa garden and pool.

Temp/humidity - 45-60° C & 30-50% relative humidity Experience time* – up to 30 mins

Swiss Pine Sauna

A dry intense heat classic Finnish Sauna. The Swiss Stone Pine cladding (Queen of the Alps, growing at a higher altitude than any other tree in the world) releases a distinctive pine essence.

Temp/humidity - 85 – 105° & 3 – 8% relative air humidity Experience time* – up to 15 mins


A theatrical wellbeing experience loved by men and women alike, a basket of mineral stones, are heated up to 400° C in an oven which opens every few minutes, the basket is lifted dramatically into a cauldron of cold water producing steam to warm the room. Minerals release from the stones, further enhancing the guest experience, The peaks and troughs of heat and humidity create a very warm yet comfortable experience.

Temp/humidity - 50°C - 70°C & 30- 70% humidity Experience time* – up to 25 mins


Up to four guests enjoy a memorable ceremony, being covered in muds and crèmes whilst steam, warm seating, music and aromas fill the air. Great for groups, friends and couples. When guests are seated a therapist activates the experience. Guests are instructed on how to apply the muds themselves or therapists can assist. An automatic cleaning program assists with operational efficiency.

Temp/humidity – changes during programme from 38°C - 45°C & 30- 100% humidity Experience time* – up to 45 minutes Rasul® is a registered trademark.


A heated indoor / outdoor relaxation pool incorporates therapeutic jetting and is positioned adjacent to two relaxation areas.

Temp/humidity – approx 35°C Experience time* – up to 20 mins


A mosaic covered room with curved seating & soft lighting is a classic warm steam experience with high humidity & natural aromas such as eucalyptus, to invigorate and deodorise.

Temp/humidity – approx. 45°C and 100% humidity Experience time* - up to 20 mins


Providing the perfect body cooling quota between warm experiences, the guest selects from gentle snow to a powerful snowstorm, complete with lightning and gusts of wind.

Temp/humidity – ice/snow cold Experience time* – approx 30 seconds


Soothing and refreshing, the guest selects the temperature, the bath fills and the jets get to work. The footbath auto drains and disinfects between guests

Temp/humidity - 85 – 105° & 3 – 8% relative air humidity Experience time* – up to 15 mins

Shower Walk

A sequence of experience showers offers a variety of temperatures, coloured lights and sound effects to warm and cool the body. Showering between warm and cool experiences is highly therapeutic. The Shower Experiences:
• Warm tropical rain ca. 39°, amber illumination, sound of paradise birds.
• Cold rain, mint/alpine green illumination, sound of an alpine creek
• Warm summer storm ca. 39°, red illumination, sound of a thunder storm
• Cold mist, blue illumination, sound of a sea breeze. 3 pc cold side nozzles on both sides
• Bucket shower at end, where the guest can release cold water onto themselves

Temp/humidity – various Experience time* – walk through experience

Sabbia Med®

A deeply relaxing, uplifting and fun light therapy experience, with aromatherapy and music, provides year round sunshine. Guests lie on warm sand whilst over 30 minutes the room goes from darkness to sunrise, to intense sunshine and back to sunset. Low levels of UV release vitamin D, whilst specialised lamps alleviate SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Sabbia Med® treatments are therapist free, great in packages, for small groups or those not keen on actual treatments, many fall asleep.

Temp/humidity - 30°C - 32°C Experience time* - 25-40 mins

Salt Cascade

Guests relax on comfy loungers or on a heated bench while therapeutic concentrated brine (21%) salt particles are released from the dramatic, evolving salt cascade feature.

Temp/humidity – room temp. Experience time* – no limit.

Treatment Rooms

Luxurious rooms feature premium heated treatment tables by Living Earth Crafts.

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