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Spavision | Flexa-Cover™ Protective Table Cover for Salon Tops
Flexa-Cover™ Protective Table Cover for Salon Tops Product Code: F8268C
$119.00 (Ex Tax & Delivery)  


In light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Living Earth Crafts has developed this new protective disinfectable table cover designed to function perfectly with today’s thick salon tops. The LEC Flexa-Cover™ is made with disinfectable chemical and water resistant, 100% PU material with minimal stitching and medical grade thread.

The patent pending Flexa-Cover™ features hinge gussets designed to allow your protective cover to flex with the movement of your salon top. Minimize your cleaning bill by conveniently placing your table warmer or fleece pad underneath the disinfectable cover. Sewn eyelets allow easy insertion of your facecradle platform. Available in Natursoft™ and in EPA registered, Anti-Microbial Medical Grade Ultraleather Pro®.


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Disinfectable 100% PU and Rayon backed water and chemical resistant material.

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Minimal Stitching with medical grade thread.

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Patent Pending Flexa-Cover™: Patent pending gussets allow the cover to stretch with the articulating top.

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Tailored perfectly to fit your LEC Salon table.

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Deep pocketed for today’s generous cushioning systems.

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Warmer and fleece fit neatly underneath the protective cover to minimize laundry requirements.

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Easy to Install: Simply stretch the fitted cover over your existing table and table warmer, latch the gusset pockets onto the corners of your hinge points.

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Good for the Environment: Our fabrics are bio-degradable, BPA and PVC free. They contain no Phthalates or Plasticizers. Hypo-Allergenic.

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Natursoft™ Marie’s Beige OR Black as standard

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Available in Anti-Microbial Ultraleather Pro® for EPA registered, anti-microbial protection

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Available in 30” and 32” sizes with square or round corners.

Flexa-Cover™ Protective Table Cover for Salon Tops specifications:

Width: 760mm / 30" OR 810mm / 32" with Round or Square Corners

Flexa-Cover™ Protective Table Cover for Salon Tops Cut Sheet:

Download Cut Sheet

Download a printable PDF document that summarises the features and other technical characteristics of the Flexa-Cover™ Protective Table Cover for Salon Tops

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Optional Extras:

Upgrade to Ultraleather Pro® in Black, White, or Tan. + $176.00

Unit Price:





$ 119.00

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Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with Spa Vision on a couple of different Spa projects. They are truly invested in helping with growing your business for the better the knowledge and experience they bring to any of our meetings is very reassuring and motivating. Well done to all at Spa Vision.

Breaffy House

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