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Spavision | HaloPocket™
HaloPocket™ Product Code: B78606
$999.00 (Ex Tax & Delivery)  


The revolutionary HaloPocket is the smallest commercial-grade Halogenerator ever launched. New Halogenerator Miniaturization Technologies (HMT (tm) were developed in both engineering and manufacturing to minimize the size while still maintaining the efficacy of the Halotherapy treatment. The product is ideal for Spas, wellness centers, etc. who want to offer an add-on respiratory/breathing enhancement service pre/post another treatment like massage, facials, etc. Additionally, it’s a great new revenue stream to add the HaloPocket to one’s retail / online offerings.

What is the HaloPocket?
HaloPocket is a breakthrough in the world of salt therapy- the world's smallest true halogenerator. Developed by the world's leading halogenerator manufacturer, it delivers all the effectiveness of a full size halogenerator, and is able to fit in your pocket or bag.

Who is the HaloPocket for?
The HaloPocket is ideal for those looking for a low cost, convenient, and clean way to get the benefits of salt therapy at home, as well as busy travelers looking to boost their immune systems while on the go.

How does the HaloPocket work?
The HaloPocket is designed to be easy to use, every day. Press a single button on the stainless steel body, breathe slowly and deeply, and relax. The entire experience takes less than 5 minutes, and requires no cleanup.

Breathe Salt, Breathe Better.


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Fast - only takes 2-3 mins per session

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Convenient - use anywhere, any time

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Supplied wiht 150gm pure pharma salt (enough for 300 sessions)

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Rechargable lithium ion Battery, charge via USB lasting 1 week per recharge

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Produces salt particles 0.3-0.5 microns diameter for maximum penetration

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HaloPocket™ specifications:

Length: 19cm / 7.5"

Warrany: Full 2 years parts & labour (conditions apply)

HaloPocket™ Cut Sheet:

Download Cut Sheet

Download a printable PDF document that summarises the features and other technical characteristics of the HaloPocket™

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Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with Spa Vision on a couple of different Spa projects. They are truly invested in helping with growing your business for the better the knowledge and experience they bring to any of our meetings is very reassuring and motivating. Well done to all at Spa Vision.

Breaffy House

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