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Spavision | AirQ 880
AirQ 880 Product Code: A2D5AC
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Welcome to a whole new world of air treatment from Prolitec, the technology leader in air care with scent. The AQ880 is the most advanced commercial air-treatment system on the market today. It is the world’s first fully adjustable commercial air-treatment system engineered to serve indoor spaces. AQ880 is a patented, computer-controlled, always-on system capable of maintaining a constant, uniform and controlled level of scent or odor neutralizer. The AQ880 converts fragrances and odor control formulations (“Agents”) into ultra-fine droplets for controlled distribution as an aerosol or vapor directly into a room. It is designed for permanent installation on a wall in the area to be treated.
The AQ880 is managed by an on-board computer that is fully adjustable, enabling intensity settings to match space sizes from 200 to 30,000 cubic feet (10-850 cubic meters). The AQ880 is programmable, capable of executing 21 distinct start and stop times, repeatable daily or weekly.
Utilizing up to 21 programs and the full range of 50 intensity settings allows you to optimize the fragrance levels depending on peak and non-peak occupancy in the space. This new feature can save you money on fragrance AND service visits. Typical AQ880 applications include air treatment to enhance or improve indoor air quality including odor cancelling, and ambient scenting in public spaces such as casinos, malls, hotels, theaters, ballrooms, convention centers, hospitals, retirement and assisted living facilities, schools and restrooms. A single AQ880 can do both odor control and ambient scenting at the same time.
The AQ880 with Prolitec odor control formulations and fragrances will cancel a wide range of offensive odors and replace them with pleasant scents available from the Prolitec fragrance catalog or custom developed to meet client requirements.
The AQ880 works by generating ultra fine, ultra-light droplets approximately 1 micrometer (µm) in diameter. By comparison, a droplet from a typical pressurized aerosol spray can is 50 microns (50000 nanometers) in diameter or 50 times larger than an AQ880 droplet. In terms of weight and volume of liquid, the comparison is even more dramatic. A 50-micron aerosol droplet is 125,000 times heavier than a 1 µm AirQ droplet.1 (See also Table 1 below.) This tiny AirQ droplet offers many performance benefits over a conventional aerosol including: completely uniform distribution of the treatment agent; 50 times more exposed surface area; and the absence of any liquid deposits on surfaces. AQ880 is simple to install and program for specific room size, airflow conditions, and desired scent intensity. Minimal maintenance is required beyond the periodic change of the disposable fragrance cartridge, bi-annual replacement of one battery, and a simple wipe down or dusting of exterior surfaces. Once installed in the right location, AQ880 will outperform any other system, providing completely uniform scent distribution. The AQ880 advanced technology creates a scent effect with a smaller quantity of fragrance ingredients than any other method. The chemicals employed in making AQ880 fragrances are fully compliant with the most restrictive air-quality and inhalation standards. AQ880 generates no harmful VOCs and uses no ethanol or propellants. Quite simply, used as directed, AQ880 is the greenest, most eco-friendly way to introduce scent into an interior space with no negative impact on indoor air quality. This is not an accident. The scientists and engineers at Prolitec are committed to the highest ecological and human safety standards.


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Single nebulizer head

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1250ml or 2500ml cartridges available (recyclable)

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Droplet size: Approx 1 mocron

Spavision Website

50 intensity level settings

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off-cycle: 30seconds, 2 mins or 7 mins

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Floor mounted with feet

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Programmable with up to 21 start/stops per day, 24/7 mode

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ScenXus compatible

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Casing in anodized aluminium with swing door

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Perfectly scents spaces up to 30,000 cubic feet

AirQ 880 specifications:

Dimensions: 641 x 171 x 184mm

Weight without cartridge: 4.4kg

Weight with full 2500ml cartridge: 5.9kg

Power input: 100-240 VAC, 0.4A Max, 50-60Hz

Power output: 15VDC at 1.2A

Certifications: CB, CE, FCC Part 15, ROHS compliant

AirQ 880 Cut Sheet:

Download Cut Sheet

Download a printable PDF document that summarises the features and other technical characteristics of the AirQ 880

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Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with Spa Vision on a couple of different Spa projects. They are truly invested in helping with growing your business for the better the knowledge and experience they bring to any of our meetings is very reassuring and motivating. Well done to all at Spa Vision.

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