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Spavision | Halo Crystal
Halo Crystal Product Code: 4FA700
$6062.00 (Ex Tax & Delivery)  


HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL® is a multifunctional system that combines the most modern heating technologies with the properties of Himalayan salt and the made in Italy aesthetics and design. A tempered glass cube that contains pure Himalayan salt, with an internal heating system that turns it into a salt stove, a ventilation system that turns it into a healthy air filter and a chromotherapy system that transforms the environment in which it is placed.

Used as a salt stove, HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL® is a pleasant, healthy and innovative heat source. The Himalayan salt heated by infrared radiation attracts the surrounding air, keeping it free of harmful substances and releasing the natural micro-trace elements contained in the salt.
HIMALAN CRYSTAL® can be easily positioned in any room as an additional heating system, heating up to 25sqm. The electricity consumption is managed by a sophisticated electronic system that improves the energy efficiency and controls power. The handy display allows to set the temperature and constantly check its status.

HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL® does not consume oxygen, purifies and ionizes the air, sanitizing the environment and relaxes. The integrated ventilation system allows the air to cross the Himalayan salt contained inside the cube, transforming it into a completely natural and healthy filter. The air passing through the Himalayan salt reduces the concentration of mold and bacteria, limits electro smog and purifies the environment, making it healthier.

The sophisticated chromotherapy system with high-power and low-consumption LEDs allows to choose the color that best enhances the environment in which it is positioned, highlighting the transparency and veins of the salt contained within. The color diffused in the environment plays a therapeutic chrome effect, relaxing the body and influencing the mood, promoting well-being and meditation. The color management system is managed by a remote control and allows to choose an alternating or fixed color cycle.

HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL® combines design and well-being. Its shape and dimensions allow to place it in different environments, easily adapting to the design of the room, enhancing and giving suggestive and exciting atmospheres. The beneficial properties of Himalayan pink salt and chromotherapy are therefore combined with a modern, innovative and entirely MADE IN ITALY design, making HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL® a piece of furniture designed to create a relaxing room with extreme simplicity.

HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL® is a source of natural well-being: inside there are no glues or any type of chemical product, it’s easy to install, has a low electricity consume and can be easily transported thanks to the wheels on which it rests.


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Tempered Glass Cube filled with pure Himalayan Salt

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Heats up to 25m2

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High powered LED Chromotherapy with colour cycle management

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Digital Thermometer for temperature setting and control

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Ventilation System for Air Filter function

Halo Crystal specifications:

Height: 63cm / 24.8"

Width/Depth: 63cm / 24.8"

Electrics: 230v +/- 10%; 50/60Hz

Weight: 185kg / 408lbs

Halo Crystal Cut Sheet:

Download Cut Sheet

Download a printable PDF document that summarises the features and other technical characteristics of the Halo Crystal

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Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with Spa Vision on a couple of different Spa projects. They are truly invested in helping with growing your business for the better the knowledge and experience they bring to any of our meetings is very reassuring and motivating. Well done to all at Spa Vision.

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