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Spavision | Air Purifier Totem with UVC Lamp
Air Purifier Totem with UVC Lamp Product Code: 444178


TOTEM UV is the device that will allow to work in total safety inside the POST COVID salon or spa Thanks to the UVC lamps the air is deeply disinfected in each kind of ambience.

The light is divided in visible rays, red rays and ultraviolet rays.
Ultraviolet rays (invisible) are classified in:
- UV - A (tanning properties)
- UV - B (therapeutic properties)
- UV – C (germicidal properties)

The UV-C band eliminates Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Spores, Mold and Mites by destroying their DNA and inhibiting their reproduction and proliferation.

The technology UV-C is a kind of efficient and economic disinfection with an optimal costs/benefits balance, it’s furthermore environmentally friendly and, unlike chemical agents, it works against all kinds of microorganisms.
The great advantage of this device is the possibility to purify the air in the salon 24 hours, without any contraindication for the staff.

Its regular disinfecting action grants the salon’s safety by keeping the microbial load under control (differently from one-off sanitizing application)

By the use of TOTEM UV is possible to obtain sanitization in a simple, quick and safe way, without use of chemical products and without contra-indications for the staff and clients health.

TOTEM UV allows the killing of bacteria such as Bacillus Coli, Salmonella, Legionella, Clostridium, Vibrio, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, etc. as well as Virus, Fungus and Spores after few minutes of operation.

An Ozone Free Air Purifier that can be covered with front aluminium covered in skay 887 (manta beige) or grey wood laminate Clear Reflex FB64 Eris Grigio. 2 versions available with 1 lamp to cover 40sqm OR 2 lamps to cover 80sqm.


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With 1 Lamp to cover 40sqm (2 Lamp version available - see below)

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Ozone free UVC Lamps (peak of emmissions at 254nm)

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Inner germicidal chamber in mirror polished stainless steel

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Frontal carter in powder-coated aluminium, painted in epoxy powder

Air Purifier Totem with UVC Lamp specifications:

60 m3/h with 1 UV Lamp / 120 m3/h with 2 UV Lamps

Lamp Power: 15W / 30W

Consumption: 25W / 50W

Reduction of total Microbial Loads: >99%

Covering m3: 45m3 / 90m3

Dimensions: 1050mm x 252mm x 117mm

CE Marked (LVD - EMC - MD - RoHS)

Air Purifier Totem with UVC Lamp Cut Sheet:

Download Cut Sheet

Download a printable PDF document that summarises the features and other technical characteristics of the Air Purifier Totem with UVC Lamp

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Optional Extras:

With 2 Lamps to cover 80sqm + POA

Unit Price:






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