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16 FEB 2024



Wellsystem, the future of dry water massage!⁠

With the Wave_Touch, Wellsystem heralds a new era of relaxation. The exceptionally effective massage can be individually adjusted and offers the perfect massage experience for every user. ⁠

The Wellsystem Wave_Touch offers various massage programs developed with experts, the which can be individually adjusted.

Healthy back - Relieves tension and strengthens the back.

Strong shoulders - Ideal for tense shoulders and neck.

Pure relaxation - A feel-good massage for the whole body.

Fit legs - Makes tired and heavy legs fit again.

Energy boost - Full body massage for enhanced energy levels.

The Spa_Complete includes a new LED colour light programmes and the skin-caring LED Radiance that were developed together with a leading lighting biologist. Colours and light can increase wellbeing and have numerous positive effects on the body and mind.

Relax - After a stressful day at work or physical exertion, the green Relax light helps you to relax and feel completely at ease.

Recharge -  Coloured light with optimally visible orange-red is ideal for re-charging batteries and re-charging energy, for example after physical exertion.

Activate -  The sky-blue Activate light brightens the mood and activates body and mind.

Rainbow - With Rainbow you can experience all the colours of the rainbow one after the other during the massage and discover the effect of each colour.

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