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20 NOV 2023

Soft-Pack® X Lucknam Park

Soft-Pack®  X Lucknam Park

We recently stopped by The Spa at Lucknam Park, we supplied a  Kurland Soft-Pack® Dry Floatation and it was great to try the treatment.

Following a CBD KLORIS balm application, you are cocooned in a warm, weightless, and peaceful dry floatation bed. Dry floatation is a unique experience where you remain dry, and the focus is on deep relaxation, soothing the muscles, elongating the spine, and reducing physical and mental stress.⁠

A highly effective full-body treatment plus cosy warmth and subdued light. Relax while you are folded and lowered into warm water while staying dry.⁠

Lucknam Park include the addition of the new Sensate device to tone the vagus nerve using soft vibration technology and the natural power of binaural sounds to promote a blissful state of mind.